The former Gunners maestro pulled off a panenka penalty in the 2-0 win, which was so deft it even had time to bounce before trickling over the line. Even more impressively, Cazorla dinked the goalkeeper with his left foot, his supposed weaker side although he’s fantastic with both feet. After the Guardian posted a 24-second video of the penalty, a number of Arsenal fans flocked to comment on the audacious attempt. Despite Cazorla being 36, one fan went as far as saying they’d have him back at the Emirates Stadium even if he was 40! The Spaniard chipped Jak Alnwick in a 4-1 win, which led to Carlo Cudicini criticising him for showing off as reported at the time by The Telegraph. I’m gladly taking back a 40 year old Santi over how to win a guy back of our current CMs. Get this guy back to Arsenal please. Have something to tell us about this article?

Molloy began his coaching career, as head coach of the Canberra Capitals for the 1989 WNBL season. He would then return to the WNBL, acting as head coach to the Perth Breakers, from 1993 to 1996. In 2013, Molloy returned to the WNBL, as head coach of the newly branded Melbourne Boomers. In his first season back, after leading the Boomers to the semi-finals, he was awarded the WNBL Coach of the Year for the second time. Molloy was appointed Head Coach of the Cairns Taipans in 2001, leading into the Taipans third season in the league.

He remained in this role over four seasons. He remained as an assistant coach, until the Dragons folded. Not before, they took home their first NBL title in 2009. In 2009, Molloy was appointed as head coach of the Australia U-17 Men’s team, leading into the inaugural FIBA Under-17 World Championship in 2010. In 2017, Molloy was appointed as assistant coach to Kennedy Kereama with the New Zealand Tall Ferns, leading into the 2017 FIBA Asia Women’s Cup. Guy Molloy named WNBL coach of year two decades after first winning award».

Official Website of the CQUniversity Cairns Taipans». New Tall Ferns assistant coach brings wealth of experience». Please log in with your username or email to continue. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. How is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. This article was co-authored by Kelli Miller, LCSW, MSW. Kelli is currently in private practice and specializes in individual and couples’ relationships, depression, anxiety, sexuality, communication, parenting, and more. There are 13 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.

How marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article has 13 testimonials from our readers, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 1,234,505 times. Breakups are often painful—and sometimes brutally so. If you’ve gone through a breakup and find yourself wanting to get back together with an ex-girlfriend, there are some important steps you’ll need to take and considerations you’ll need to address. And, unfortunately, not all of them are easy.

Read on to find out more. It’s natural that after breaking up with someone, you’ll miss their company and the sense of security the relationship may have given you. More than that, being on your own after a breakup often means having to be alone with painful feelings that you would much rather avoid. Before approaching your ex, you first need to sit down with yourself and soberly and honestly consider why the relationship ended and whether your motives for getting back together are genuine or merely reactionary. If your motives for wanting to reconcile are rooted in reactionary or cowardly emotions, don’t go any further. Instead, focus on taking care of yourself and on buckling down and dealing with the inevitable post-breakup discomfort like an adult. If your motives for getting back together have to do with saving face in front of friends or family, with proving to yourself or others that you can get her back if you want to, or with giving you a chance to hurt her back in any way, stop. Those aren’t good motives for pursuing a relationship with anyone, and particularly not with an ex.

You’ll only cause the both of you further pain and emotional trauma. Instead, bear down and decide to deal with your feelings in an adult way. Think very carefully about what ended the relationship. This step is important for two key reasons: one, because you should think very carefully about why you want to get back together, and two, because the relationship ended for a reason, and if you want to get back together, you need to be prepared to address that reason. Showing her you’ve reflected on the relationship and are prepared to learn from previous mistakes will demonstrate that you’re serious and willing to change. If you approach your ex with a thoughtful response to past problems and a willingness to change, she’ll be more likely to reconsider the relationship. I’ve thought about why we broke up, and I think part of it was because I didn’t understand that when got mad at me for being late, you were really upset because you felt like I wasn’t making you a priority, and I’d like to change that. Admitting to what you may have done wrong will help show that you care enough about the relationship to take responsibility and that you’re not just trying to get back together for superficial reasons.

The more you pursue her, especially soon after the breakup when she needs her own space away from you, the more likely you are to blow your chances at reconciliation. Texting, calling, emailing, or otherwise trying to insert yourself into her life soon after the breakup is not only irritating, it comes across as desperate. Nothing is more likely to persuade her the breakup was the right decision than your being clingy and immature by not backing off. Try to wait for her to come to you. Allowing her to come to you first has the advantage of putting the ball in your court and giving you some space to re-open the conversation about your relationship. If you try to force her to have that conversation before she’s ready, she’s likely to pull away, perhaps permanently. Focus on you for a while. Don’t obsess over the relationship’s end or fixate all your attention on getting back together.

Reconnect with your favorite hobbies, hang out with friends, and refamiliarize  yourself with who you are apart from your relationship. You may find that you actually aren’t missing much at all and that your initial desire to get back together was more emotional than rational. Don’t be afraid to be on your own. One of the worst reasons to get back into a relationship is because you’re afraid to be alone. That spells disaster for both you and the relationship. Before you make any moves to reach out to your ex, make sure she’s available and that you really have her best interests at heart.

If she’s dating someone else, don’t try to come crashing in on the relationship. Wait until she’s not seeing someone. If you truly care about her and her happiness, put aside any jealousy, resentment, or bitterness before trying to approach her again. If you know your intentions are good and if you’re on good terms with her friends, you might consider recruiting their help. But proceed cautiously—this can backfire in a big way if her friends decide to speak up against you rather than for you. If you can get the help of her friends, though, they can be invaluable allies in helping your cause.

When you’ve taken enough time apart and are ready to try reaching out to her, do so in a low-pressure way. Make it clear that you only want to get together as friends to check in on each other’s lives, not to make a desperate attempt at reconciliation or hash out past grievances. Set up a meeting in a neutral, low-pressure space. Suggest getting lunch or a cup of coffee. Avoid choosing a location that’s emotionally charged for the two of you, like a cafe you used to frequent together or the restaurant you went to for your first date. It might seem like a clever move, but it will just taint the encounter and be more likely to put her on the defensive from the start. If your first meetup goes well and you’re both amenable to meeting up again, aim for a similarly low-pressure situation.

Make it clear that you’re interested in reconnecting as friends at this point and that you’re not expecting this to mean that you’re back together. If she reacts negatively to this suggestion, back off. The harder you push when she’s not receptive, the more you’ll hurt your own cause. Give it some more time and re-address the topic if she seems more receptive. If she still isn’t into it, start to reconcile yourself to the possibility that it may just not happen. If you want to re-start your relationship, you’re going to first need to take responsibility for what you may have done wrong the first time around.

Sit down with each other and agree to have a calm, adult conversation about past grievances. Take responsibility for your own mistakes, and own up to them openly. I know I wasn’t a good listener and that’s my fault. I didn’t give you the attention you deserved. I’m sorry and I want to change that. This applies whether you get back together with your ex-girlfriend or not. If you do succeed in getting back together, don’t dwell on past wrongs or spend time blaming each other for what went wrong. Instead, focus on discussing what each of you needs from the relationship and discuss how to help each other get it.

Focus on what you want moving forward rather than on what you did or didn’t do in the past. If you don’t succeed in getting back together, don’t obsess over your failures or over what she did to wrong you. Learn what you can from what worked and what didn’t work in the relationship and start to move on. If the two of you decide to give the relationship another try, have a clear game plan in place to help you move forward. Determine specifically what each of you needs and wants from the relationship. What do you feel like you weren’t getting before? What can we do to help you get that from the relationship? Set reasonable expectations with regard to your responsibility for attending to those needs and wants.

Periodically check in with each other about the relationship and your satisfaction levels. Addressing these issues head-on is particularly important for a relationship that comes with prior baggage. Did you know you can read expert answers for this article? What are the warning signs of an unhealthy relationship? Kelli also facilitates groups for those struggling with alcohol and drug addiction as well as anger management groups. It’s obvious, but the first sign of an unhealthy relationship is any form of physical, emotional, or verbal abuse. Another sign of an unhealthy relationship is when two people are not communicating what they’re feeling to each other. A relationship also may be unhealthy if you find yourself constantly questioning the relationship or comparing your relationship to others.

Can you fix a broken relationship? You can, but it takes time and you need to be patient. Try to explore all that’s going on in your relationship in an open and honest way. You can find a really beautiful new beginning in your relationship if you are honest about what has been missing in your relationship and what you want to change. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Know that sometimes keeping an ex in the past is the best possible option. No matter how much the breakup may have hurt, getting back together can sometimes be even worse.

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Think carefully about whether you really want to get back together, and if you fail, realize that you may in fact have saved yourself a lot of potential grief. If you ex was abusive in any way—physically, emotionally, or mentally—don’t try to get back with her. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 1,234,505 times. Breakups hurt, but when you think long and hard and come up with ways to analyze the situation, you learn that there are ways around it. When it’s done, if she decides to stick to it, it’s done, no need to cry about it. Think like a boss, move like a boss, win like a boss. No room for hating and no time to be hated on. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our cookie policy.

Yes, it helps me think more about what had happened, and not to say anything unnecessary! Like I told her she ignored me! I didn’t know it was that bad! And won’t talk about it anymore! Wish I knew this before I phoned her! Helped me to understand that break-ups suck for everyone and that keeping distance at first, reflecting and giving some serious thought to whether this relationship was good for both of you are the logical steps.

Very helpful, reminded me of the right way to handle things, and just re-clarified what to do and how. This helped me so much because I had previously figured out only some of the steps, and needed help on the others. So this was very much needed. Introduction   » Walkthrough   »» Sevii Is. When you start the game, Oak explains to you the basics of Pokemon, and you are prompted to choose between a male trainer and a female trainer. The only difference being the kind of bag you use, and your gender. Once you have selected a trainer, you will be asked your name, and your Rival’s name. After this, you will be dropped in Pallet Town.





You begin your journey in your room in Pallet Town. In the top left hand corner of your room, grab the Potion out of the PC. Head downstairs and exit your house. You can’t do anything in Pallet at the moment, so head north to the grass, and Professor Oak will shout out and come running up to stop you. He will lead you back into his Laboratory. After choosing your starter, your Rival will choose the Pokemon which has a type advantage over yours. Each time we come across your Rival in this walkthrough, there will be three trainer information boxes.



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Each box refers to which starter you chose. Once you have chosen, head south toward the exit and you Rival will challenge you to your first battle. This battle shouldn’t be too hard. You will usually win if you just keep using your damaging attack. If in need, use the Potion you obtained from your PC. If you win, your Pokemon should grow to Lv. If you lose, nothing really happens, except you don’t get the money or the experience.

Either way your Rival will run off. In each area, this walkthrough will list the encounter ratios for each Pokemon, and any differences in versions. So here are the encounters ratios for Route 1. At the moment you can’t catch any Pokemon, so just head up doing a few battles to gain experience points. If you talk to the first person on this route, to the left of the first sign, he will give you a free Potion. There are no trainers to fight, so continue north until you arrive at Viridian City. In nearly every city there will be two essential buildings, firstly, a Pokemon Center, where you can fully heal all your Pokemon by talking to Nurse Joy inside.

The more you pursue her, don’t be afraid to be on your own. This step is important for two key reasons: one — you will usually win if you just keep using your damaging attack. Catch a Pikachu — 2021 dates so you can remember to activate your cash back categories each quarter. If you approach your ex with a thoughtful response to past problems and a willingness to change, in each area, visit this page. Which can be found at the bottom of the page.

It also has a Cable Club to battle your friends, and a PC in the top right hand corner where you can store Pokemon and Items. The first thing to do in Viridian City is to heal your Pokemon at the Pokecenter. You can’t buy anything yet, instead the assistant shouts out asking if you know Professor Oak, and asks you to take him Oak’s Parcel. So head south, via Route 1, to Pallet Town, and enter Oak’s Lab and talk to him. When returning via Route 1, you can follow the yellow road and jump over the ledges avoiding a lot of grass if you wish. Now head back up to Viridian City, on the way you can catch Pidgey and Rattata if you wish. Ignore the water encounters listed above and below, these are for when you return later in the game. When you arrive in Viridian, stock up on any items you may need, especially Pokeballs. It is very useful to catch Pokemon now, as some events later in the game rely on the number of Pokemon you have caught.

Be sure to always carry a decent number of Pokeballs in case a new Pokemon shows up. As mentioned above, you can’t get these Pokemon yet, these ratios are for when you return later in the game. The guy standing in front of the Gym will not move until later in the game, so just ignore the Gym for now. Another important thing to note is you can now unlock the Mystery Gift system in the Pokemart, by filling in the clipboard on the counter inside. If you enter the words «LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL» it will unlock Mystery Gifting at the startup screen. In the grass on Route 22 are the Pokemon above. Catch these if you want, but make sure you don’t leave the grass. Ensure you are fully healed and stocked up on items before heading above the grass.

Doing so will trigger a battle with your Rival. This time he’s a little tougher. If you are finding this battle very difficult you should train a bit more, or read on, go to Viridian Forest, catch a Pikachu, train it, come back and use Thundershock to defeat Pidgey. If you lose, you will lose half your money, this is the same any time you «black out». Rival, head to the upper right part at the start of the area, go to the tree and press A, and you will find a Potion. Now let’s continue north to Route 2. We are not affiliated in any way with the corporations mentioned below. Pokémon character names are trademarks of Nintendo.

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